Custom Orders + Wholesale


Looking to buy in bulk? We offer wholesale in any size cozy! 


Our wholesale pricing starts at 15 cozies.

We wholesale in increments of 15 cozies.

Every 15 cozies is $180 (all sizes are the same price). 

You can choose 2 patterns per 15 cozies.

We no longer offer custom patterns with custom logos. 

We no longer offer custom patches with your business logo.

You must choose from the pattern options that we send to you from our distributor (all options we send over are based on what you're looking for).

Interested? Contact us!

How to order

We require a minimum of 3 cozies, all of the same print/size, for custom orders. 

(for Jumbo customs, a minimum of 2 cozies is required)


Customs are perfect for bridal orders! We can match any color scheme to fit right in with your special day! Use them to propose to your bridesmaids, or to use at your bachelorette party! 

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