Chik-Fil-A Coffee Cozy

Chik-Fil-A Coffee Cozy

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These are made with an insulated liner to ensure your iced beverage stay iced and your hot beverage stay hot longer! These cozies also prevent your cup from "sweating" all day, as well as protects your hands from the temperature of your beverage! Forget those wasteful paper sleeves, and switch to a reusable cozy!

Jumbo cozies will fit various coffee cup sizes, such as:
- Large Dunkin iced beverage
- Trenta Starbucks iced beverage.
- Large Power Teas at Nutrition clubs

Regular cozies will fit various coffee cup sizes, such as:
- Medium Dunkin iced beverage.
- Large Dunkin hot beverage.
- Venti Starbucks iced beverage.

Mini cozies will fit:
- Small + Medium Dunkin iced beverage
- Medium + Large Dunkin hot beverage
- Grande + Venti Starbucks iced beverage

The pattern layout differs from cozy to cozy, meaning no two cozies are the same! Inner liner may vary from color shown in photo.

Made from cotton fabric.